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Career military member, and for many years a registered Independent. I'm not a particularly type-A personality, and believe people can disagree on a topic while still being respectful of each other's opinion - everything doesn't have to be a "you're either with me or against me" philosophy. I DON'T believe everything is black or white, I DO believe most rules have exceptions, and most situations have to be judged on their own merit rather than following a blanket "party line." I DO believe that while elected officials do represent their districts and constituents, they also have an obligation to act for the greater good of the nation as a whole, and leadership should be by example, not a "do as I say, not as I do" philosophy. I started this blog because I've reached a point where I feel many aspects of local, regional, national and global life are just plain disgusting me and I needed someplace to vent, and I've had enough positive feedback about the letters, notes and commentary on various subjects that I've posted to friends through email and/or social media that I thought this might be worth it - at least to me. Any and all comments, writings and postings in the blog are solely my opinion and absolutely do not represent the views of the U.S. Government and/or the Department of Defense.

Congress is seeking to pass a Constitutional Amendment limiting contributions to election campaigns

Not without my having a hissy-fit about it, they aren’t. The Senate, primarily Democrats (but it says “Joint,” so to me that implies at least one sponsor from the Republicans) has introduced Senate Joint Resolution 19, found here: “Proposing an … Continue reading

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Putinism and the Anti-WEIRD Coalition

I agree with the majority of your post. Until factors change, I think Ukraine is lost to us as far as American/Western wishes are concerned. Unfortunately, while the sentiment supporting this move in Russia has been building, I believe we … Continue reading

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I’m tired of Congress

I’m beat, bushed, exhausted as well as pissed-off, fed up, and ready to tell any member of Congress to their face to go throw their useless selves off a bridge. They (“they” being members of both parties) are a bunch … Continue reading

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Is 2014 a tipping point?

With Russia “invading” (in quotes because right now we don’t know if it’s official yet) the Crimea and the 20th century spectre of the Soviet War Machine raising its head within Ukraine, there are a lot of interesting and very … Continue reading

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Syria – Six Questions Our Leaders Should Be Asking, and We Should Be Discussing

Since the use of chemical weapons (hereafter referred to as CW) in Syria, it’s been front page news as the US government and populace, as well as the international community at large, addresses the issues, actions and consequences.  Per various … Continue reading

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Another Politican Rant

My perception is that federal-level politicians are completely cut off from the average US citizen. Maybe it’s not solely their fault; perhaps their staffers filter out everything non-political before it gets to them, but I don’t think they’re “in touch” … Continue reading

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North Korea in the news again. After 60 years, shouldn’t we maybe try a new approach?

The North Koreans (NorKs) and Iran continue to be snarky and we continue hitting them with more and more sanctions and seeking to isolate them at greater levels. It didn’t work with Cuba 50 years ago, and it’s not going … Continue reading

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