Back in the Saddle Again

So my first action is to apologize for being away so long, for anyone that actually takes the time to read and noticed I was gone. Early March was defined by the death of a friend; after that, I was selected for a new job and Spring became an exercise of working with the family to help (1) purge and (2) pack up the house prior to our move, while at the same time being sent to various venues around the U.S. to get trained up on my new job before I actually took over. This was followed by the actual move across the country itself (toting kids, pets and wine along in our wake), living in a hotel for a month with aforementioned kids and pets (the wine quickly disappeared I assure you), moving into our new house and unpacking (still an ongoing chore), and settling into my new job, with its much greater responsibilities but also much bigger toys to learn and play with!

Also, to be honest, I didn’t find much out there inspirational – or perhaps demotivational – enough to drive me to the computer to post, since it’s all been the same old crap: attack ad after attack ad; all words and no substance; and all this with months to go before the elections.

But perhaps now, with a possible change in government imminent and the candidates coming down to the wire, it’s time to jump back into the fray.


About stoshk

Career military member, and for many years a registered Independent. I'm not a particularly type-A personality, and believe people can disagree on a topic while still being respectful of each other's opinion - everything doesn't have to be a "you're either with me or against me" philosophy. I DON'T believe everything is black or white, I DO believe most rules have exceptions, and most situations have to be judged on their own merit rather than following a blanket "party line." I DO believe that while elected officials do represent their districts and constituents, they also have an obligation to act for the greater good of the nation as a whole, and leadership should be by example, not a "do as I say, not as I do" philosophy. I started this blog because I've reached a point where I feel many aspects of local, regional, national and global life are just plain disgusting me and I needed someplace to vent, and I've had enough positive feedback about the letters, notes and commentary on various subjects that I've posted to friends through email and/or social media that I thought this might be worth it - at least to me. Any and all comments, writings and postings in the blog are solely my opinion and absolutely do not represent the views of the U.S. Government and/or the Department of Defense.
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